FAQs | WNWN Food Labs
Where can I buy WNWN chocolate?

We are now taking B2B orders for our delicious cocoa-free chocolate, if you are interested in using WNWN choc in your products then please email our Sales Manager: Richard@wnwnfoodlabs.com

Want to try our cocoa-free chocolate bars? Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming products on our website!

How is WNWN choc made?

We’re inspired by the process of making chocolate: take cocoa beans, ferment them, roast them and then blend them. We follow a similar philosophy except we start with ingredients other than cocoa beans—instead we use cereals and legumes that are abundant, sustainable and good for you.

What’s the environmental problem with cocoa?

Chocolate production is fueling deforestation and is contributing to climate change. Did you know that 80% of the West African Guinean Rainforest has been lost to deforestation since 1990, to free up more space for cocoa production? And, when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, regular chocolate production produces over three times as many as the poultry industry. At the same time, cocoa crops are particularly vulnerable to climate change. One bad rainfall year, or one bad pest infestation, and the whole industry could be in turmoil.

While our choc is made using the same philosophy as conventional chocolate, our products emit 80% fewer CO2e emissions. And there’s no deforestation whatsoever.

What’s the ethical problem with cocoa?

The majority of the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa grown in just two countries in West Africa: Ghana and the Ivory Coast. Mass-produced cocoa is riddled with ethical issues including child labour and forced labour. What’s more, most farmers earn under $1 per day: this is below the extreme poverty line.

Aren’t you trying to take industry away from those who need it in other countries?

We’re only a small part of one of the solutions to promote change and counter the many issues that plague the chocolate industry. The industrialised, mass-market cocoa supply chain of Big Choc (which is akin to Big Pharma or Big Ag) has already entrenched cocoa farmers in poverty. Smallholder farmers face stagnant wages despite rising demand, and rising production costs, leading to exploitative practices like child labour and slave labour. It’s been like this for decades, with no meaningful improvement.

Systemic change is needed to address these inequities, but by producing an alternative, and challenging Big Choc, we have an opportunity to relieve the pressures on farmers and cooperatives, give them more leverage in the marketplace against the iron grip of multinational corporations, and give consumers a real choice.

Do your products taste like chocolate?

Yes! Our choc tastes, smells, melts, snaps, and indulges just like conventional chocolate.

Can we use WNWN choc in baking?

Absolutely! From ice cream to cookies to choc croissants, our cocoa-free choc products work in all applications and are a 1-to-1 alternative to conventional chocolate.

Is your choc free of the main allergens?

Our choc is dairy-free, plant-based and caffeine-free. It’s also theobromine-free, so you can share it with your dog. But you may not want to share it with anybody.

What are the ingredients?

We use a variety of plant-based ingredients, primarily grains/cereals and legumes.

Where do your ingredients come from?

Our cereals and legumes are sourced as locally as possible and are predominantly from the UK, and elsewhere in Europe.