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  • Who?

    Hi, we're WNWN and we love food.

    We're giving chocolate a twist!

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  • What?

    Our choc is just like chocolate.

    It tastes like chocolate.

    It even snaps, melts and bakes like chocolate.

    But it's cocoa-free!

    (and palm oil-free, and plant-based, and caffeine-free... Okay, we're showing off now.)

  • Why?

    Well, there's lots of things in the chocolate industry that are broken: you'll be surprised and horrified.

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    To combat the effects of Big Chocolate (yes, like Big Pharma, it's a thing), we created a cocoa-free alternative made from plant-based ingredients that are fermented and roasted, just like real chocolate.

    Changing chocolate? It's WNWN.

Changing chocolate? It's WNWN!