PRESS RELEASE - WNWN Named in World’s 50 ‘Most Impactful Companies to Work For’ 2023

WNWN Named in World’s 50 ‘Most Impactful Companies to Work For’ 2023

LONDON – March 4, 2023 – WNWN Food Labs, the first to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market, today announced it has been selected for the Impact Fifty award, recognizing 50 companies that genuinely make an impact on important global causes. 

Impact Fifty reviewed thousands of companies—for-profit and non-profit—and interviewed more than 10,000 employees to find the ‘most impactful companies to work for.’ 2023 winners also included UNICEF, charity:water, Patagonia, Beyond Meat, and multiple organizations in healthcare, green technology, and education. 

“As a young startup, we’re honored to be included alongside established social-impact companies and organizations,” said WNWN CEO Ahrum Pak. “We appreciate Impact Fifty and everyone on our team who believes in our work, and hope that as we grow, our future employees will be equally motivated by the desire to make a meaningful difference for people and planet.”

WNWN’s proprietary fermentation process transforms widely available plant-based ingredients like cereals and legumes into cocoa-free choc that tastes, melts, snaps and bakes just like chocolate. Cocoa-free WNWN products produce 80% less carbon emissions than conventional chocolates, based on an internal lifecycle analysis. 

Deforestation, habitat destruction, and unsustainable carbon emissions are rampant in the conventional chocolate supply chain, as are unethical labor practices. More than a million child laborers are estimated to work in Ivory Coast and Ghana, where three-quarters of the world’s cocoa is grown. 

Cocoa crops are also vulnerable due to climate change, including rising temperatures and reduced rainfall, leading experts to predict chocolate shortages in the coming years. Conventional suppliers will also be affected by a forthcoming European ban on cocoa linked to deforestation

In addition to collaborations with other food and beverage brands, WNWN is currently scaling up its manufacturing in preparation for a UK retail launch later in 2023. 

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WNWN, a UK food tech startup addressing critical problems in food supply chains, creates a win-win situation for consumers, workers, producers, and the planet. The London-based food tech company uses fermentation to transform plant-based whole foods and unloved ingredients into delicious, sustainable foods. For more information visit



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