PRESS RELEASE — 15 December, 2022 — DLISH Taps WNWN to Supply Cocoa-Free Chocolate for Luxury Holiday Gift Boxes

DLISH Taps WNWN to Supply Cocoa-Free Chocolate for Luxury Holiday Gift Boxes

LONDON, 15 December, 2022 – WNWN Food Labs, the first to bring cocoa-free chocolate to market, today announced it is providing its version of a chocolate and hazelnut gianduja for holiday season gifts by Milan-based luxury gift service DLISH

DLISH’s team of creatives, designers and culinary specialists continuously source new and exquisite gifts from workshops, boutiques and gastronomical kitchens from around the world. Its gourmet gifts—from olive oil to liqueurs to tea—are selected for their sustainability, craftsmanship, and exceptional taste. 

WNWN (pronounced “win-win”) created its take on gianduja, a Northern Italian confection that is a progenitor of Nutella, for DLISH’s exclusive and limited-production gifts that also include either high-quality artisanal Cognac produced by Bourgoin Cognac ($180) or Nc’nean Organic Whisky ($195). 


“It takes a great deal of time and care to curate items for our gifting programs, and any chocolate we offer is mindfully selected and vetted to ensure it meets our ethical standards,” said DLISH founder Mona Bavar. “We were very impressed with WNWN and their products, as well as the ethos of the company.” 

“Chocolate feels even more extravagant when paired with hazelnuts, so combining our cocoa-free chocolate with Italian hazelnuts made perfect sense,” said WNWN CEO Ahrum Pak. “We were thrilled to work with DLISH because of its focus on not only design and luxury, but also its interest in sustainable and artisanal products.”

WNWN applies traditional fermentation techniques to widely available plant-based ingredients in a proprietary process to create cocoa-free chocolate that tastes, melts, snaps and bakes just like chocolate. Its formula is vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free, palm oil-free, lower in sugar than comparable products, and safe for dogs since it contains no theobromine. 

Consumers are increasingly concerned about deforestation, habitat destruction, and unfair labor practices in the conventional chocolate supply chain. More than a million child laborers are estimated to work in Ivory Coast and Ghana, where three-quarters of the world’s cocoa is grown. Cocoa crops are also vulnerable due to climate change, including rising temperatures and reduced rainfall, which has led experts to predict chocolate shortages in the coming years.

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